Thursday, 13 November 2014

What does love means to you?

Assalamualaikum wbt.
May Allah bless us with the best state of emaan and health inshaaAllah.

pernah tak tanya kat diri sendiri, soalan yang di atas?

this question was asked by one of our housemates during tazkeerah session.
we were given 1 minute to think.
and so do you.
ha sekarang korang ada 1 minit untuk fikir!

60 secs.

30 secs.

0 secs.

haha dah takyah fikir lama2. takde beza pun kaaan :3

so these were our answers;

1. love is universal.
2. love is when you know that someone steal your lunchbox, yet you still put it at the same spot everyday.
3. love is when action comes first, feelings comes later.
4. love is when you pray for someone, without the knowledge of that person, and not necessarily you have to say or show any action to prove it infront of them.
5. love is when someone/something inspires you to become a better person.
6. love is when you always put that someone first before you.

there you go.
so, what does love means to you?

k rasa macam nak letak the above picture. :)

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